What is your skin type ? By SkinBar Beauty Parlour ,Saheed Nagar

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Skin type

What is your skin type ? By SkinBar Beauty Parlour ,Saheed Nagar

Skin type

We love to take care of ourselves .We rely upon both natural and cosmetic products. But before using any product we must know our skin type.

So that we can take care of our skin accordingly.

Type of Skin:

Oily Skin: Does your face quickly becomes oily especially near nose and cheeks ?Then you need to be careful .Oily skin is a blessing if proper care is taken. If this skin type is neglected then very easily acne and breakout problem can arise.

Dry skin: This skin type is one of the most sensitive skin type . You will feel itchy and rough. You need to take care of the skin with help of moisturizer .

Normal skin : This type of skin is neither too much Oily nor Dry.

Combination Skin : Only the nose area are oily other part of the face may be slight dry or normal.

Acne prone skin: Once you have faced acne , you need to be very careful. Don’t use any kind of product that is not meant for acne prone skin.

How to know in details about skin type:

Its better to take help of a professional .Being expert they can easily conform about your skin type. The products both natural and cosmetic are different for each skin type .The cleanser for oily skin will definitely harm dry skin .The moisturizer texture for Dry skin is not same as Acne prone skin.

So ,stop experimenting with your skin !

Visit a professional today and get your skin type conformed.

After that simply go for the products which will suit to your skin type.And do continue to use them .Do not change the products often.

You can also go for herbal home made products .

Know you skin Initiative by

SkinBar Beauty Spa and Salon

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SkinBar Beauty Spa and Salon,Saheed Nagar



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Thank you all for reading the article and also for your valuable time.

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