Meet Rajni Vij , the lady behind Rajni’s Prakriti Beauty Products ..

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Meet Rajni Vij , the lady behind Rajni’s Prakriti Beauty Products ..


mycitykoupons has a started a section : Women Entrepreneur .We hope their inspirational stories will encourage us to live our life more passionately .

(Women Entrepreneur series No 10)


Lets meet Mrs Rajni Vij of the successful lady Entrepreneur .Her brand PrakritiBeautyProducts are the perfect herbal solutions for all your beauty problems . Please Visit Official Facebook Page   of PrakritiBeautyProducts 

We are Happy to share  few beautiful words by Mrs Rajni Vi.

mycitykoupons : Tell us about yourself ?

Mrs Rajni Vij:I am a Herblist .Its my passion which I have been following from last 30 yrs to aware people about the herbs & goodness of nature by giving free consultancy about Skin / Hair issue through home remedies with easily available ingredients like fruit peels , vegetable juices, flower petals& herbs .

mycitykoupons: How do you operate ?

Mrs Rajni Vij: I have large no of my own whatsapp groups & have associate with many ladies clubs in India & overseas.

mycitykoupons:Tell us about your products ?

Mrs Rajni Vij: We have entire range of home made and herbal skin & hair care products.Rajni’s Prakritik Beauty products have entire range of Skin & hair products.
They are chemical free , home made herbal products made with herbs , spices , flower petals , seasonal vegetables , fruit peels

Anti Acne pack – for open pores , acne , acne marks

Anti wrinkle Glow pack – for fine lines & Skin tightening ,

Anti pigment Facial Scrub – pigmentation , tanning , blemishes

Anti ageing face serum

Eye serum for dark & puffy eyes


Hair oil for dull, frizzy hair , Alopecia

Hair conditioner / ( work as a mild shampoo )Hair Oil- Ingredients -flower petals, Neem, Tulsi ,various herbs & spices. Useful for hair growth& give soft & shiny look
Volume -100ml
Cost -400/-

Protein Hair Pack-
Powdered form of pulses & herbs . It resists hair falling, premature greying. Give smooth , shiny finish
Weight -70gm
Cost -385/-

Hair Conditioner / Shampoo- Satva of herbs , spices, seasonal vegetable & fruit peels. Helps in control frizzyness& dandruff,hair fall

Rajni’s Prakritik Hair conditioner/mild shampoo
Regular use gives soft , shiny , lustre to hair & strengthen the roots .
Vol -100 ml
Cost -330/-

Any query can contact -Rajni Vij -9737003141


Here we present few beauty tips by Mrs Rajni Vij .

1.Worried For premature greying of your Precious Hair.You may try this age old Natural Beauty technique :

Ingredients :
Hibiscus flower 2
Coconut oil 100 ml
Boil 2 hibiscus flower with 100 ml coconut oil on slow flame till oil left half.

How to use
Apply oil on scalp & hair for 1 hour then wash with mild shampoo .it give you healthy luster with bounce& delay greying hair. Take care of hairs with natural things

2.Wanna get rid of  pigmentation & freckles ?? Try this tip

Ingredients :

1tbsp curd
1 tsp tomoto juice
1/2 tsp pure Chandan powder
2 fresh petals of rose ( crushed)
1 tsp multani mitti.

How to Use:
Make a fine paste
Apply for 10 min & wash off . Twice a week helps to control freckles & pigmentation.

3.Effective home product tips For lightened pimples marks .

How often to use:
Apply daily

1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
1 pinch jaifal powder
1 tsp raw milk

How to Use:
Mix well, apply on marks for 10 min & wipe off with wet cotton.

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