Meet Artist Malini Mohan Kumar – New Age Talented Artist

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DIY Art Design

Meet Artist Malini Mohan Kumar – New Age Talented Artist

DIY Art Design

Mrs Malini Mohan

DIY  Art Design

(Mrs Malini Mohan Kumar:  Over the years I have searched for all kind of sea treasures pebbles, shells, drift wood, sea glass and other bits of flotsam and jetsam cast on the sand by the sea. Its more challenging than you think and much more fun than a puzzle. Need to keep playing around with designs and wait until to see final outcome As well playing with pebbles can be both fun and challenging however it simulates your imagination and exercises your problem solving skills.)

Mrs Malini Mohan Kumar is undoubtedly beautiful with an extremely creative heart , a heart which can sees beauty ,love and  happiness all around.

We wish her Best of Luck !!!

Happy to share u all the beautiful words Mrs Malini Mohan Kumar shared with us . : How do you design an art piece ?
Mrs Malini Mohan Kumar :The process would start with an evolving idea, later visualizing and designing, and adding new ele0ments such as drift wood, twigs, sea glasses etc., I will continue to find new ways to capture the beauty of life that is all around us. I use wide variety of materials in my work. Pebbles and rocks are main ingredients and certainly the most fun to source them from different beaches and rivers. I love to feel that pebble in my hand. I like that roughness of it. I can picture something when I am toughing it when I picked it up I was like that’s a head. I try to give them new life and meaning in my pebble art works carefully preserving their natural shape and texture. : Can you please share the procedure ?

Mrs Malini Mohan Kumar :

  • To begin with I will go on hunt of some smooth pebbles and rocks.
  • Then i Wash up the rocks and pebbles, used a damp cloth to remove visible dirt .
  • Then sorting is done according to shapes and colors by using artistic logic.
  • Each material is carefully selected and assembled to create the perfect emotion.
  • Once I settled down with scene I dug up a frame.
  • I begin by forming and gluing the pebbles. Before I glue I took my own time to positioning the pebbles .
  • Once its all places, glued and dried up I put the frame on.

DIY Art Design:

When you have a creative mind , even stones talk. All waste items turns into Best items . Have a look at the beautiful DIY Pebble Art Design by Talented Artist Mrs Malini Mohan Kumar .

Design 1 :Family Picnic !

Here, the pebbles are collected by crafty magic from the Riverside. You get them from local craft store, Nursery or Pet shop .You can simply order online too .


DIY Art Design

Design 2 : Japanese traditional Doll


DIY Art Design

Design 3: Family Watching Moon.

I love the colour and design . Do you ?? Here we can see along with pebble sea shells have also got used in a smart way.DIY Art Design


The moon and stars glow in Dark too !!!


DIY Art Design

Design 4 : My Café my LoveDIY Art Design
DIY Art Design

The design is for beginners .Go ahead try it today with your kids.


Have a closer look at the Chef !!!


Design 5 : I love Space !!!DIY Art Design


Design 6 : Birds !!!DIY Art Design

I find this one most beautiful !


The pebble arts can help adding glamour to the home or office décor. They can be used at paper-weight too .You can happily Gift it to your near and dear ones.

All the above Image source:

DIY Wall Hanging from Waste Material by Nisha Mascarenhas

DIY Wall Decoration using canvas by Nisha Mascarenhas

Make a Beautiful Doll from Waste Bottle by Mrs Tajinder Kohli

DIY wall hanging from waste CD by Mrs Lavanya Neelam

DIY doll from waste paper by Shashank Tikle

Thank you all for Reading the above article and also for your valuable time.

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Happy Crafting !!!



February 1, 2019 @ 16:33

Great creativity! congraulations Malini.. well done

Narendran Namachivayam

February 3, 2019 @ 07:37

Wonderful Creativity 💝 Great Job, keep it up 💪

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