Yummy Kaju barfi by Mr Sangram Kumar Subudhi

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Kaju barfi

Yummy Kaju barfi by Mr Sangram Kumar Subudhi

Kaju barfi

How is the Dish Looking ???  Yummy !!!!

If you have a sweet teeth , you will love it too  !!!!

Kaju barfi

Sangram Kumar Subudhi

Mr Sangram Kumar Subudhi is a Passionate Chef . We are thankful  to him For sharing his Bachelor styled  Kaju Barfi !!!

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The Recipe is irresistible .So , Go ahead and have a look :

Ingredients  :

  • 250 gm Kaju.
  • 250 gm Suji
  • Ghee
  • sugar syrup
  • Dry fruits

Preparation :

  • Grind the Kaju  /Cashewnuts with help of little water.

How to make Kaju Barfi :

1.First we need to take Cashew nut / Kaju .Add little water and grind it .

Kaju barfi
2.In pan take little Ghee and fry Suji till slightly golden .

Kaju barfi

3. Mix both the suji and Kaju paste.

4. Prepare sugar syrup .

5.Slowing add the prepared mixture till it dries.
Kaju barfi6.On plate add little Ghee .Pour the barfi mixture .Cut into diamond shapes .

Kaju barfi


The sweet dish  is loved by one and all .Same will get ready within 20 minutes maximum.

For the reason that now a days Life is so busy we need Tasty and Healthy Recipes that can be made very Quickly .

The above Recipe  is not only quick but also  yummy. Certainly a must try  !!!

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Kaju barfi

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Happy cooking !!!

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