Fall in love with products of Bliss -Handcrafted with Love

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Fall in love with products of Bliss -Handcrafted with Love


mycitykoupons has a started a section : Women Entrepreneur .We hope their inspirational stories will encourage us to live our life more passionately .

(Women Entrepreneur series No 5)

Lets meet the lady behind Bliss , Mrs Seema Nigam , one of the successful lady Entrepreneur .Her brand Bliss are the perfect herbal solutions for all your beauty problems . Please Visit Official Facebook Page   of Bliss Handcrafted with Love .


(Our website doesnot sell Bliss Products .You can order products through Bliss Official Page .

We are Happy to share  few beautiful words by Bliss.

mycitykoupons : Tell us about yourself and the journey of Bliss ?

Bliss:I work with children with special needs. This set me thinking as to how to reduce harmful stuff in our lives. I had an interest in natural stuff… I prefer that to using allopathic medicines. My search led me to attend a workshop on soap crafting. I started making them for personal use and for gifting. But then my creative urge and the beauty of the products made me make a lot of things. Thus began the journey of Bliss..

mycitykoupons:Tell us about the challenges you face ?
Bliss: The challenges are many because people require instant results and don’t want to spend money for quality products. To make sure that I give my clients a genuinely natural product I prepare the botanicals myself. Even if the supplier says that the base has aloe vera… I add it to the soap so that I can definitely say that the aloe vera soap will give results.
mycitykoupons: How do you operate ?

Bliss : I operate mainly through facebook .

mycitykoupons:Tell us about your products ?

Bliss : Along with soaps then there was a demand for other products such as shampoo and face wash and masks. This led to the creation of more products.

mycitykoupons.com : What is your message for the ladies who want to start career in this field ?
Bliss :Competition is tough so one has to be creative enough to attract the attention.
mycitykoupons.com : Any thing you want to add ?
Bliss: The part where you say message to ladies : use organic products… Reduce the chemical prints that we are leaving for the next generation. When you buy a handmade product… You are not only picking up a product worthy of you, but also a piece of the heart of the creator!
Have a look at few products of Bliss :
Hair Oil – A mix of oils and natural ingredients :Coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil and traces of mustard oil Infused with the goodness of onion, lemon, hibiscus, neem, Guava, curry leaves, moringa, brahmi, methi and more….. With added vit e and lemon e o.
Soap with Charcoal and rose with heady lavender fragrance…
Many more products like Herbal beauty products ,different soaps and more available by Bliss .
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