Why should we drink water ???

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drink water

Why should we drink water ???

drink water

Do you remember your childhood ? Your mother must be running around you to make you drink sufficient  water .Well , water is that much important that makes a mother serious about the same .

How much water is our body :

The amount water required by the body depends upon gender,weight and age .

New born baby : 74% Water

Male: 60% Water

Female : 50% water

Elder person : 40% Water

How much water needed by us :On an average we need minimum 2 liter water daily. (Young adult)

Importance of Water :

Water is good for  in digestion .Drinking sufficient water will help our digestion .

It also flushes out toxins. Our body gather toxins. Drinking water helps us. Same acts as a detoxify .

Water promotes healthy skin A healthy skin is a hydrated skin. Water gives adequate moisture to the skin.

It beats bad breath. Having a bad breath ? Solution is simple .Drink sufficient water .

Water regulates body temperature. Water will keep our body temperature perfect.

Without food we can leave for minimum 1  month but without water we can live  for 7 days only. Many people of the world struggle to collect water for drinking and other  requirements .So its very important for us to understand that we should not waste water.

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