“Favorite Writer in a Restaurant ” Story by Eminent Odia Author Sri Debapriya Priyadarshi Chakra

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Debapriya Priyadarshi Chakra

“Favorite Writer in a Restaurant ” Story by Eminent Odia Author Sri Debapriya Priyadarshi Chakra

                                    Favorite Writer in a Restaurant

                                      Author :Sri Debapriya Priyadarshi Chakra
                                      Translated by:Sri  Manoj Kumar Rath

Fan of a writer!
Kaberi couldn’t control her laughter when Ashutosh tried to convince her about
those two girls. She knew that, fan following is there in the life of the cricketers
and movie stars. But even the story writers could have fans, it was beyond her
imagination. She heard of these two girls having some snacks in a restaurant with
Ashutosh. When he returns home she starts an enquiry session about the incident.
Ashutosh tried his best to convince kaberi that the girl was his fan who came to
meet him in that restaurant with another girl. Out of courtesy he had offered them
some snacks and coffee. Whoever might have told her about, it has made a
mountain of a mole. Yet nothing could satisfy Kaberi.
He decided to tell everything elaborately as he found the matter was becoming
more complicated. The girl who met him is Rajashree from Jajpur. She studies in a
private engineering college in Bhubaneswar. Once she had read one of his stories
from the News paper wrapping of her ninth standard book. From that day she had
accepted him as her favorite writer. Since that day she has wished to meet him in
person and has searched for him a lot. Luckily she found her acquaintance Tapan
Maharana, who is an artist, having connection with him. She had not forgotten, so
when she came to Bhubaneswar for her higher studies she talked to Ashutosh over
Tapan Maharana’s phone. Since that day they have interchanged their phone
numbers and had many interactions. One day she invited him to meet her in a
restaurant. Ashutosh couldn’t deny the eagerness of his fan and decided to meet
her on his way back home from office in the evening. He went to the restaurant in
Nayapalli as asked by Rajashree. But all the problems started as his sister came to
the same restaurant with her children and found him with the two girls in a table.
Kaberi came to know this issue from her sister-in-law and after that she was not
convinced of any of the explanations. She complained him, “You are married now
and would you not tell your wife what you are doing outside? Which wife will
tolerate that her husband is spending time with girls in a restaurant?”

He was getting restless hearing such brooding words from his wife. She is highly
qualified, cultured but can’t take everything lightly. Often made petty issues
serious which was troubling Ashutosh.
Ashutosh was a bohemian before marriage. He enjoyed his life to his heart’s
content and never used to return home before midnight. His entire time was
consumed in attending literary meetings and with his friends. But after marriage
his life has changed. He was trying to be familial by spending most of his time at
home. That’s why sometimes he thought marriage is a curse in a writer’s life.
Kaberi’s skepticism was obvious. How can she bear that hardly six months of
marriage has passed and her husband is spending time outside with other girls. She
might have taken the things casually had it not been informed by her sister-in-law.
So this was the first incident when she interrogated Ashutosh for long time. By
qualification she was a law graduate. Though she doesn’t practice in the court of
law yet she advocated about the incident from Ashutosh.
He now repents for using the word ‘Fan’. This is the word that has created all the
confusion. He has hardly written around thirty stories and has published two books
and he has fans!
After this incident Kaberi couldn’t believe Ashutosh. Who knows what he might
be doing in the name of literature. She was thinking many things. Unknowingly
she was checking his mobile phone. His facebook, whatsapp accounts were under
her scanner. She was going through the chat conversations in his absence.
Ashutosh also in order to avoid any more misunderstanding deliberately was not
changing his locking pattern and password. He had stopped coming online and
chatting with his friends, avoided talking over phone for long hours if it was not
necessary. He was passing through a strange phase which hampered his writings.
In fact Kaberi too had not discussed about that matter from that day but she was
following his activities from a very close quarters. She had started investing the
matter. She never opposed him from doing anything. But Ashutosh didn’t like
spending time with mobile phones or arriving home late. If he becomes ten
minutes late in arriving home, he is under suspicion. To turn around for late hours
was not his choice. He even didn’t prefer to score across the internet for late hours.
In short he was not feeling comfortable, even though kaberi didn’t protest in doing
He is not such a celebrity writer that he ever wished to have fans. So Ashutosh was
cursing him for sharing his phone no with Rajashree. He was wondering how to
say this to Tapan Moharana. There was a threat if he discloses this to Rajashree

then the matter will go worse. He was under severe tension for no reason.
Sometimes he laughed out at the stupidity of Kaberi for making such a simple
meeting to be so complicated. He thought to make a meeting of Rajashree and
Kaberi at his home so that all the doubt will be clear. Rajshree will clear all the
confusion by confessing how she got attracted towards the writings of Ashutosh
and why he has become his favorite writer. Their meeting in the restaurant was out
of courtesy and nothing else. She was eager to meet her preferred writer once in
person and share her happiness with him. That was the only intension behind that
But this idea though was not bad but was not that easy too. So Ashutosh was not
finding any other way to clear the doubts of Kaberi. Can he ever make her
He was thinking the solutions for this problem. Suddenly he remembered his
college friend Narahari, who runs a medicine shop near kalinga stadium. He has
named his shop after his Name Narahari Medicines. His acquaintances used to call
him as Narahari Medicine. He has the skill to solutions for all sorts of problems.
Ashutosh used to visit him in the evenings when he was depressed. Narahari offers
him a cup of tea and asks about his wellbeing. Ashutosh shares everything with
him, enjoy some light moments together and gets relaxed. Can Narahari solve his
problems? With a lot of hesitation he reached at his shop. That day the shop was
not crowded. He tried to catch the sight of his friend who was enjoying a show on
the TV screen. When no response came from the other side he shouted
Narahari…ri ri ri. Narahari was taken a back by such a visit from his friend after a
long gap. Peeping through his thick spectacles he addressed him as –Pravu(God),
where had you been for so long?”
He used to address everyone as Pravu out of courtesy. His friends used to taunt
him for his too much of humbug nature. Without reacting to Narahari’s address he
sat quietly on the bench. Narahari queried again,’ “Pravu! What has gone wrong?
Anything serious?” Ashutosh confided everything to him how he was under the
scanner of his wife Kaberi. Narahari heard everything peacefully. Ashutosh
became more positive as he was with Narahari at this time. He was hopeful that
Narahari will have a solution for all the problems. After hearing the problems he
started, “you know you writers have one big problem.”
Ashutosh asked, “What?”
You people believe others so easily if someone praises your writing and claims that
you are a favorite writer. If the praise comes from a female reader then you have a

excitement. Earlier the communication between the reader and the writer was
through letters. But now with the advancement of technology and the use of social
medias everyone is getting very closure. One should read the writing, what is the
need to meet the writer in person and establish a relationship!
Ashutosh was not ready for such unprecedented remarks from Narahari. Without
speaking any further he started his bike to leave for home. He didn’t respond for
the tea offered by Narahari.
While returning home he got held up in traffic at Jayadev Vihar square. In an
accident an SUV had run down a scooty on the road. The accident was so severe
that the SUV had run down the rider, who was a girl and the head was completely
mashed. She was carrying a bag on her shoulder. There was an old folded
newspaper to one side pocket of the bag.
Where was the girl returning from? From office or her coaching! The witnesses
were saying that the entire fault was of the girl who didn’t give the indicator before
turning at the passing. So the SUV hit her from the back. It was very difficult to
recognize the face. Ashutosh felt as if the dead body was of his fan Rajashree. No
he reassured himself as he knew that she was new in Bhubaneswar. She never had
a scooty and here in Bhubaneswar he doubted that nobody might have trusted to
give her a scooty to ride. He went on thinking many things but all the matter was
related to Rajashree. For the last few days he had been thinking about Rajashree
religiously. Gradually the crowd vanished as the matter was now dealt by the
police personnel. Asutosh too left that place.
It was very late when he reached home. Kaberi was arranging the dinner table. She
looked at Asutosh but didn’t say anything. So he couldn’t say about the accident
even though he wanted to share with her.
In the bathroom while getting refreshed he thought its enough. It has been very
difficult for him to survive under one roof without interacting with each other.
Something has to do to shutout the problem.
Coming out of the bathroom he called out to Kaberi. “I don’t know how I can
convince a person who has believed a baseless thing. Can we solve the problem by
remaining silent? If you want scold me, what is the benefit of keeping everything
to you and behaving like this?”
Hearing such words from Ashutosh kaberi said sulking, “have you talked to me
since that day? I kept quiet, but have you tried to convince me? I took a vow not to
talk to you first, and you were also unyielding from your side. Listen I have

forgotten to tell you one thing. Your fan Rajashree came to meet you today. She
has bought a new scooty. So came with sweets for you. She wanted to give you a
surprise, so without giving you a call she searched our address and came home. A
good she is. I am sorry that I believed others words and suspected your
Kaberi went on speaking good words for Rajashree. But Ashutosh could not
receive those as his focus was now on the contact list of his phone.
After a deep search he was unable to find Rajashree’s number as he had deleted the
contact number six days back in order not to aggravate the doubt of his wife.


Debapriya Priyadarshi Chakra is an influentional young voice in Odia
literature, with two collections of short stories, one Essay collection to his
credit. He is writing both fiction & poetry. Among numerous awards and
felicitations, Debapriya received junior fellowship from ministry of culture,
state youth award & Rabi Patnayak smruti galpa purasakar. He was worked
in media sector a long year. He joined the Odisha education service in year
2017 after cleared OPSC and presently posted as a govt Lecturer in

Debapriya Priyadarshi Chakra

Eminent Odia Author :Sri Debapriya Priyadarshi Chakra

We are Thankful to Sri Debapriya Priyadarshi Chakra for the beautiful Story !!

Books Story Collections .

1.Parba 2.Dambaru o Anyanya Galpa 3.Baramaas Katha (Childrens Story Book )4.Ishwar ! maphakar and many more .

Sri Chakra has been awarded with many Awards like

1. State Youth Award

2.Rabi Pattanaik smuti Purskar

3.Kalinga Literary Youth Award

4Manthan Juba Purskar

5.Kalinga Pustaka Mela and many more.

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