Creative craft designs by Amee’s Art Gallery !!!

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Creative craft designs

Creative craft designs by Amee’s Art Gallery !!!

Creative craft designs

mycitykoupons has a started a section : Women Entrepreneur .We hope their inspirational stories will encourage us to live our life more passionately .

(Women Entrepreneur series No 9)

Lets meet Mrs Amee Adiacha a successful businesswoman.

Are you a creative soul ?? Can you feel beauty  everywhere ?

Well ,I believe creative people are like angels ,with their vision they can bring the better side of anything they touch.

(If you are reading this article , then you too have a soft corner for creativity .)

Creative craft designs

This article is dedicated to Mrs Amee Adiacha, an extremely creative beautiful lady . You can have a look at her wonderful work in the  Facebook page  

She is definitely an inspiration to all the ladies at home wondering how to become independent financially .

We are thankful to Mrs Amee for the beautiful work details and photographs .You can give online order for any product you like through the official Facebook page .The products available are like custom made Name plate , Wall art ,Key Holder , Wall Clock , Handmade Gift items , Handmade Kids room Items.

Creative craft designs

Mrs Amee Adiacha

We are happy to share some beautiful words shared by Mrs Amee Adiacha .

mycitykoupons: Tell us about the process of making wall art craft ?

Mrs Amee Adiacha:

  • The process takes around 5 to 7 days in Total.
  • First I discuss with the customer and find out what they actually need.
  • Then the designing part is done .Printout is taken out .
  • Accordingly the proper shape is cut out from the wood.
  • Then primer is putted ,then textures , designing ,base colour and finally colours as per design is given.

mycitykoupons: When did u start the business ?

Mrs Amee Adiacha:Almost 2 years .

mycitykoupons: Do u have any employee ?

Mrs Amee Adiacha: Right one …I am handling myself.

mycitykoupons: What is the advice you want to give to any new lady entrepreneur ??

Mrs Amee Adiacha: When ever there is a will , there is a way. We can utilize our spare time and can become independent .Go ahead .Start today and one day you will win.

Here are few Designs by Amee’s art Gallery:

1.The below work is meant for Entrance door / Name plate . The saying sweet home along with Bappa’s  Idol makes a perfect  choice of customised Name Plates.
Creative craft designs
2. Handmade Gift Idea for all occasions :
Creative craft designs3.Many work wall clock options are available.
Creative craft designs 4.Handmade Key Holder :
Creative craft designs 5.Arti Thali Decoration : Many more options available .

Creative craft designs

You can happily bring one these to décor your home or give personalised gift to your loved once .

Thank you for reading the Article and also for your valuable time .

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Creative craft designs




Meghana dodia

February 22, 2019 @ 08:33

The thing which she made is very extraordinary and her finishing work is also very neat..keep it up dear Very nice

zarna joshi

February 22, 2019 @ 14:15

Passion to cherish yr own esthetic sens iz itself a key f success... A v distonguish category work!!!! Nice going...

Pradeep Nair

February 28, 2019 @ 10:54

Yes true her works are different and she had done for me also. That's different very appreciable job in the Field of art and creativity she's is doing. Something a commercial terminology a new vertical she's created and is proved. From my side a Good Luck to her......

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