Amazing Benefits of coconut water !!

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Amazing Benefits of coconut water

Amazing Benefits of coconut water !!

Amazing Benefits of coconut water

Recently we( my family) have moved to Pipili ,a beautiful place near puri, Odisha .Same being a coastal area we find a lot of coconut trees here. Hence coconut water is comparatively less costly here. You can get coconuts at Rs 15 to 20 .Amazing Benefits of coconut water


Coconut water is  the clear,  slightly sweet and sour flavoured liquid inside of green coconuts. This Tropical fruits is known to be really healthy and delicious .Some of the little older coconuts have  soft white flesh inside them . This flesh is also very testy to eat .Amazing Benefits of coconut water


I am myself is a big fan of coconut water.The photo i have given here belongs ” Bharat ” , one local vendor of our area . As per him-  ” Summers are the true season for this fruit. However , even in other seasons i manage to sell daily around 40 coconuts. Weekends  are the more busy days “.

Here are the few amazing health benefits of Coconut water :

Lowers Blood pressure

  • Coconut water is believed to lower blood pressure.

Aids In Weight Loss

  • Do want to loose weight ? Think about this wonder fruit .
  • Coconut water is low in calories .
  • Drinking coconut water at least 3-4 times a day will make your diet perfect.

Facilitates Digestion

  • Do you want something that will aid indigestion and will reduce the occurrence of acid reflux ?
  • Think about Healthy coconut water .Instead of drinks filled with chemicals available in market go for this natural refreshing drink .

Boosts Hydration

  • Skin and body needs to be hydrated properly .
  • Coconut water does the work perfectly.

Increases immunity

  • Coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals .
  • Drinking coconut water regularly will increase body immunity .
  • During flue or jaundice patients are advised to drink coconut water.

Helps in getting Healthy Glowing Skin

  • Coconut water is good for skin health too .
  • Drinking coconut water regularly will bring an unbeatable glow in the face.
  • Using it as a beauty product will also help.
  • Take little coconut water . Tap it in your face with help of cotton .Let it dry and finally wash.
  • Same will help in reducing skin pores and pimples .

Thank you for reading the article and also for your valuable time.

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