10 easy ways for Weight Loss !!!

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10 easy ways for Weight Loss !!!

Weight Loss

When you weight perfect it not only keeps you healthy but also adds to your personality . Here we share few tips for weight loss .Have a look and give a try !!

Top 10 Weight Loss Ways :

1. Exercise :

  • Wanna feel good with your body ?? Start doing exercise .
  • Join a GYM for shedding those extra kilos .You can ask for Jumba dance , Aerobics or work as per your trainers instruction.
  • When ever possible try using steps instead of lift .
  • You can even walk while taking phone calls.
  • Cycling , running . jogging and skipping are very effective exercises for the weight loss goal.
  • You can simply start a hobby like gardening to warm up yourself or start a little slow walk as a start.
  • You can try home exercise belt or machine to reduce belly fat .

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2.Drink Enough Water :

  • Try drinking warm water before you sleep .
  • You can drink one plain glass water half an hour before each meal of the day .
  • Keep a copper bottle on your office desk and drink when ever possible .Water in copper bottle has its own benefits including weight loss .
  • Try drinking lemon water with a little honey .This too helps in managing weight.

1O Health Benefits of drinking water from Copper Vessel !!

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3.Replace meal with Slim Milkshake :

  • You must keep an eye over your diet .But you should not starve yourself.
  • Think about replacing two meals with healthy slim milkshakes .They are known to give proven result.

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4.Have Healthy Food / Snacks:

  • Stop eating junk food or outside food.
  • Before going out for any party or something always have some food at home.Same will leave you less hungry.
  • You must prefer proteins over carbohydrate and fruits over juice.
  • Another important thing , you can eat food very slowly .
  • Eat food in small amount with little gaps rather having the same in huge amount at once.

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5.Never Skip Breakfast :

  • Many people think skipping breakfast will help them in loosing weight . That’s not true.
  • Rather you should have a heavy and healthy breakfast to help you in shedding extra kilos.
  • Try having high protein rich breakfasts.

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6.Cut Sugar :

  • Sugar is something that does all harm to your body and skin.
  • Try cutting sugar where ever possible.

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7.Wear a Smart watch and weight yourself daily:

  • A smart watch will count your steps .
  • Same will be a silent cheerleader for your mission of weight loss .
  • Always set a goal like how many steps to achieve.
  • Weighing yourself daily will keep you motivated .

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8.Drink Green tea :

  • Green tea is known for its properties that will help in loosing weight .

12 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea !!!

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9.Get Good Night Sleep:

  • Poor sleep is not only bad for your mind but also for your body .

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10.Manage Stress :

  • When people are under constant stress, certain hormones¬† increase their appetite and potentially lead to them eating more.The extra food that we eat is stored as fat.
  • So its really important to manage your stress level.
  • Think about a evening walk¬† ,gardening or simple Yoga o reduce stress in day to day life.

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