Top Cool Budget Friendly Diwali Gift Ideas !!!

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Top Cool Budget Friendly Diwali Gift Ideas !!!

Budget Friendly Diwali Gift

Diwali , the festival of Lights and Rangoli is best celebrated with Friends and Family . Good food and Good Mood double up the happiness of the same .

Planning to gift all (friends, Family ,In-Laws ,Kids) under a budget ??? Here we have few ideas you can’t deny .

Top Cool Budget Friendly Diwali Gift for All:-

1.Candle Holder :

Budget Friendly Diwali Gift 

  • Candle Holders are one of the best budget friendly gift ideas loved by all.
  • You can think of many designer options including hanging ones .
  • Best Gifted to : Corporate , Employee ,Family Friends
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2.Floating Candles :

Budget Friendly Diwali Gift 

  • Floating candles can add to the decor of your home too.
  • Do you know you can make your own candles ? Try making few this time.
  • Best Gifted To: In-Laws , Friends
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3.Chocolates :

Budget Friendly Diwali Gift 

  • Chocolates are one of the gifts that will make every receiver happy and they come under budget too.
  • Best Gifted To: Corporate ,Family ,Friend , Wife ,Girlfriend ,Kids
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4.Plants :

  • This time Go Green and gift a beautiful Flower pot .
  • Best Gifted To: Corporate ,Employee ,Elders,Kids

5.Sweets :

  • In India we love to gift and receive sweets .This time think about traditional sweets from different part of the country.
  • You can gift home made sweets .Better if you can make sugar free sweets .
  • Best Gifted to: Family,In-Laws

6.Gift Voucher :

  • Wanna Gift something that will act as a bonus ?
  • A receiver can use the Gift Voucher as he wants . So its actually a good option to present Gift Voucher.
  • Best Gifted To: Employee , Brothers and Sisters
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7.Diwali Books:

  • Diwali books give us knowledge about the festival ,informs about the story behind the tradition.
  • Best Gifted To :Kids
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8.Diwali Cards:

Budget Friendly Diwali Gift 

  • Diwali Cards are a very economical way to wish Happy Diwali .
  • Think about Handmade card or e-card.
  • Many designer cards are also available in the market.
  • Best Gifted To : Long Distance Friends,Corporate ,Employee
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9,Paper Lantern :

Budget Friendly Diwali Gift 

  • This one is another go green gift option you can try.
  • Best Gifted To : Employee, Kids
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10.Flowers :

  • Flowers can never go wrong as gift for any occasion .
  • Best Gifted To : Corporate , Girlfriend

Thank you for reading the Article and also for your valuable time .

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Happy Diwali .



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