Meet Fashion Blogger Swarupa Panda : The Lady behind ” The Fashion And City”

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Swarupa Panda

Meet Fashion Blogger Swarupa Panda : The Lady behind ” The Fashion And City”

Ms Swarupa Panda is a Budding Fashion, Style and Beauty Blogger who hails from Orissa, India. She loves anything and everything that has to do with Fashion and Lifestyle. Her mother has always been a great fashion inspiration for her.

Swarupa Panda

She actively blogs at, an Indian fashion blog to help and inspire all with her articles.

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1.Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Swarupa Panda: I am a 26-year-old married woman who loves fashion and Lifestyle blogging. Along with blogging, I also hold a full time 9 to 6 job. Currently am staying in Chennai, but am actually native to Odisha. A pure Berhampur girl!

2.How did you become a fashion blogger?

Swarupa Panda :During the period when I was just involved with my regular 9 to 6 job I got to interact a lot with many bloggers. It was then that I got to know more about blogging, how it works, its perks and everything else related to it. It was not long after I got introduced to the field that I realized blogging is so my kind of thing. Right after realizing this happy truth, with the support of all my family members and loved ones, l launched my blog in July 2017. Since then I have never looked back or regretted anything.

3.Tell us about your Blog and its Focus.

Swarupa Panda: My blog, The Fashion and City , is actually an online style magazine where you will find lots of fashion tips based on the different occasion. Apart from this, it also focuses on other Lifestyle-related news, tips, and reviews such as food reviews, makeup tips and tricks and reviews, health and fitness guidance, home decor ideas, travels related stuff, etc. The list goes on. It is a mini notebook kind of where one will find all sorts of ideas and tips that they have been seeking for.Swarupa Panda

4.Define your Personal Style.

Swarupa Panda :I am more into ethnics than Western. That doesn’t mean I don’t do Western styling, I play with both the styles and sometimes even mix and match them to create unique styles. I love wearing dresses (both midi and maxi).

5.Who or what has been your greatest fashion inspiration?

Swarupa Panda :I actually gain inspiration from everything I see or come across.. be it street styling or the major brand statement styles or a simple old cloth or a random saree. I see fashion everywhere. Well, I can say that it’s in my Gene. My mom has always been a great fashion inspiration for me.Swarupa Panda

6.What motivates you to Blog?

Swarupa Panda :Almost every day thousands of questions related to fashion, makeup, skincare, health, fitness, interior design occur to me. One day it just struck me that there might be a lot of other people as well who incur similar situations and diamonds. Then I thought what if I start sharing the solutions that I come up with? Also, there is a lot of competition amongst brands. So choosing the right one is very difficult but at the same time, important. So I just felt that I should also start sharing the knowledge I have about brands. Yes, my ideas and knowledge may not help everyone in this world but it is definitely going to be of some use to many lovely people out there.

7.Who does your amazing photography?

Swarupa Panda :After kick-starting my blog, I realized that people love articles with good images. Thus I realized the need to provide the articles with quality pictures. As I already mentioned earlier, I have a wonderful family who supports me through thick and thin and it goes without saying that no one understands me better than my loving husband. So he helps me with the photography part. From being the photographer to the editor, he covers it all.

8.Any Advice for your beautiful readers?

Swarupa Panda :Whatever I am doing, be it styling, writing or any other mainstream job, always remain honest to it’s review. I always encourage honest reviews and appreciate the both the positive and negative comments.. If people like the article then I enjoy reading the few words they leave in my comments section. If you guys have any other question or doubt regarding fashion and Lifestyle related stuff then feel free to ask them directly to me via any social media platform or blog email or contact page.Swarupa Panda

9.What’s your Message for all aspiring Fashion Bloggers?

Swarupa Panda : The journey will not be an easy one. The struggle is an integral part of blogging. But in this amazing world of bloggers, you will get immense support from fellow bloggers.

10.Where do you see your blog in the next Five years time?

Swarupa Panda: My main focus is to reach to as much audience possible and try to help them with my articles. And my Instagram feed is full of fashion guides. So, I guess if more people start reviewing my styles, it will be a great achievement for me. So, ya that’s where I want to see my blog in the next five years, helping and inspiring more minds with my articles.

11.Do you want to tell anything else to us?

Swarupa Panda: I really appreciate the way you encourage budding talents. You are doing a great job, Keep it up. Not to forget, thanks for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself and my blog on your platform.

Swarupa Panda

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