Meet Stylish Food Blogger Saswati Hota : The Lady behind Delish Potpourri

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saswati hota

Meet Stylish Food Blogger Saswati Hota : The Lady behind Delish Potpourri

Ms  Saswati Hota  a proud military wife, a super stylish cook and  a successful odia food blogger . She believes in the saying “Cooking is love made visible” .

Saswati  is  a well known food column contributor at Goan Espresso.Visit her Blog here :-

saswati hota

Eminent Odia Food Blogger Saswati Hota


Recently we asked her few questions about her food adventure and she happily answered all.

Proud to share you the interview of one of the most successful odia blogger  :

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1. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Saswati Hota : I am a proud naval wife with 2 adorable daughters and a passionate food blogger. I was born and brought up in Rourkela , Odisha and as of now I am based in Goa . I am a house proud decor enthusiast and do voluntary social work too.I absolutely love my domain …the kitchen and cooking and baking is my adrenaline charger.


2.When and why did you start blogging?

Saswati Hota: In 2008 we were posted in Moscow,Russia where I got introduced to a blog while browsing on the net. That’s when the idea of blogging about my cooking adventures and my experiences in Russia took shape .In 2010 due to personal commitments and a hectic social life I took a break from blogging.In 2015 I restarted my passion for blogging again and have been continuously doing it since then. I got my blog revamped, shifted to a paid hosting and got myself a domain.


3.Tell us about your Blog and its focus?

Saswati Hota :I started my blog to share with the world the recipes,my adventures in the kitchen and the food memories of my childhood. Coming from Odisha where food is a very integral part of daily life I had to let the world know about our state’s rich culinary heritage. And my blog was the perfect medium .

4.Define your culinary style?

Saswati Hota:I don’t have a particular niche for my blog.I cook everything under the sun from an Odia spread to a Continental fare. Yes ,I do have a flair for baking and desserts .So people with a sweet tooth will enjoy more while going through my blog.Saswati Hota


5.What are your cooking inspirations?

Saswati Hota: My children and my better half are my cooking inspirations. They love to experience different kinds of cuisines and that’s what inspires me to develop new recipes and experiment with them. Being a defence officers wife, social gatherings and parties are a way of life and when people love my cooking and crave to come back for more ,it’s a pleasure. Baking is like therapy for me , it distresses me.Saswati Hota


6.What was your first published recipe?

Saswati Hota: My first published recipe, I remember very fondly about it…Paneer Bhurjee.

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7.What’s your favourite recipe from your blog?

Saswati Hota: That’s a very difficult question! Each and every recipe in my blog has been cooked, shot and drafted very fondly. These recipes are in my blog because I loved making them and wanted to share the recipe with the world. But if I have to pick one then I would choose Chenna Jhilapi or Paneer Jalebi ..a very close to heart recipe .


8.Who is behind your amazing Photographs?

Saswati Hota: I would say my DSLR and my tripod are the secrets behind my food snaps. Initially my hubby helped me in photography and slowly as I picked up the reigns I started understanding my camera and it’s features more.I attended a short photography workshop and you tube videos also helped a lot.Saswati Hota

9.What motivates you to Blog?

Saswati Hota: The lovely comments from my readers when they see my posts , the happiness in them when they try out something from my blog and it’s a hit, the wait for a new recipe to be up in the blog …all these factors motivate me to blog .Their blind trust in me gives me immense happiness.

10.What advice would you like to give to people who want to start blogging?

Saswati Hota: My advice to new bloggers is to post interesting posts and recipes and most important is to engage with their readers on a daily basis…. basically you have to love your audience. Invest in a good camera because people eat with their eyes first. If your photos are good and the food looks inviting then you will start getting good traffic to your blog.Saswati Hota

11.Where can we expect your blog after 5 years?

Saswati Hota: Being a food blogger makes it really easy to connect with people because you become a source of what they love – FOOD!To tell you the truth I have never thought about what my blog will be 5 years from now.Life is so unpredictable ..I believe in living in the present and right now I am enjoying the connect I have created with people from different parts of the world and I am happy!


Thank you  so much Ms Saswati Hota ,one of the most stylish food Blogger  for your beautiful inspiring answers .Our Best wishes are always with you.

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Thank you all for reading the Article and also for your Valuable Time .

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