Meet Mrs Kirti Das , lady behind Kirti’s Kitchen Kemistry

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Meet Mrs Kirti Das , lady behind Kirti’s Kitchen Kemistry

Kirti’s Kitchen Kemistry
Lets meet Mrs Kirti Das ,unstoppable YouTuber  of Odisha .She is a home cook who has become a real inspiration to many.
In her own words : ” I am a homemaker having a passion for cooking… is the best feeling ever to try out new dishes. Love to experiment ….. u can like and subscribe my You Tube Channel � “

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Kirti’s Kitchen Kemistry


Here we present a chitchat with Mrs Kirti Das from Kirti’s Kitchen Kemistry:

Q1: Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?
Ans: I am a mother of 2 loving children, wife of an IT professional and of course a very happy homemaker. Born & brought up in Odisha. I have done my Masters in Statistics from Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Burla. Currently living in Irving, Texas USA with my family. I have been always passionate about cooking and baking. I love to experiment with different ingredients… baking is just like energy booster for me.
Q2: Tell about your Food Page and YouTube Channel?
Ans: Two months back created my Facebook food Page and a month back created my You Tube Channel. That time I never thought that, within a short period of time, there will be so many followers. Love to cook/ bake and share the recipes. Always try to experiment something unique then share with my followers. I just love the happiness they share with me after they try out my recipes and succeed.
Q3: Define your culinary style?
Ans: I don’t have any specific culinary style. Of course I am more inclined towards baking. People love my baking creativity a lot. But I love to try & experiment all types of cooking/ baking. ‌
Q4: What are your cooking inspirations? ‌
‌Ans: My kids are my inspirations. They always love to try out different types of foods. To avoid outside food, I started experimenting myself at home. But the main person behind my success is my husband. He always inspires me to try & give my own touch. When my friends & family appreciate my food, it really gives me immense pleasure and inspiration.
‌ Q5: What was your first published recipe?
Ans: My first published recipe was Veg Momo . I posted that recipe in a food group and surprisingly got lot of appreciations.
Q6: Where can we expect you after 5 years in this field?
Ans: I am a very simple person who loves to live at present. I am happy & content with whatever I am doing now. I have not given any thought right now but if at all I try to setup some business I will do in this field only.
Q7: Do you have any message for your followers?
Ans: My followers are like my family. Thank you all for your love, support & of course your valuable suggestions and comments. You all motivate me a lot to do better and better each time. So please keep on motivating and supporting me. Love you all.
We are proud of Mrs Kirti Das .Within a very few days she has become a successful youTuber . Our best wishes are always with you.
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