Lets meet Social Entrepreneur Ms Priyanka Padwal, Founder Chitrini.

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Lets meet Social Entrepreneur Ms Priyanka Padwal, Founder Chitrini.

(Women Entrepreneur Series No-9 )

Lets meet New Generation Social Entrepreneur Ms Priyanka Padwal ,Founder Online Portal – Chitrini .

Chitrini  is an  Art and Craft brand that works with rural artisan women and empowers them with sustained employment.Chitrini
We are super proud to meet Maharashtra Youth Icon Kala Ratna Awardee Ms Priyanka  a young, talented ,self-taught artist who turned the COVID-induced lockdown into an opportunity to empower rural women through her passion ,vision, eye catching  designs , modern technology and platform .
Here is the Link to her Instagram Handle :https://www.instagram.com/chitrini_handmade/
Browse through official website of Chitrini :Chitrini.
Here we present a chitchat with Ms Priyanka Padwal :
1.Could you please start by telling us a bit about yourself?
Miss Priyanka Padwal: Yes of course!
I belong to a small village in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra and currently living in Ahmedabad. By profession I am an agribusiness and rural development professional and painting, home décor is my hobby. I do enjoy travelling and exploring some cultural, historical and art related places.
2.Please brief us about Chitrini and its success journey.
Miss Priyanka Padwal: At Chitrini, we believe in handmade products by female artists that support collaborative and sustainable design. We deeply respect the work techniques of female artisans and the time it takes them to make each product by hand.
However, work is not our only concern. As a committed Female Artisan-Made Home Decor Online Store, we go above and beyond to create strong emotional ties with the communities we work with. We strengthen our ties with artisans through integration activities and volunteering initiatives, all while helping them reach economic independence through their craft.
Three major focuses of Chitrini are: Preserving Folk Art of India, Providing platform to the traditional women artisans and Offering vibe rich home décor items to the folks.
3.What is your inspiration behind this company?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: My interest towards tradition and culture, certain skills I had in Social Media Marketing
and of course the lockdown due to COVID-19 were the core inspiration behind this. There was nothing planned as such. I just went with the flow and developed some more interest and skills and gave direction to my thoughts.
4.How do you collect raw materials?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: It’s sourced from local makers.
5.Who is behind your amazing photographs?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: Well. That’s a really nice question! So initially it was me (you can say a struggling photographer) who was trying to apply all the imaginations to the flat lay kind of photography. After that few friends helped me who are really good photographers. And currently it’s a team effort. Sometimes the influencers whom we collaborate with.
6.From where do you get inspiration for the designs?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: As I said I like to explore art related places whether offline or online; I get ideas from
them. When you’re thinking about something wholeheartedly; it expands horizons of learning.
7.Have you got any formal training for painting?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: Not at all! It’s totally self-taught. More than training; I think your interest and readiness to create the best matters.

8.Please let us know about Maharashtra Youth Icon Kala Ratna Award? How do you feel about same?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: That’s a moment to remember forever! It’s my first award in Art category. It was given by one of the prestigious academy in Maharashtra for my initiative in the art sector to strengthen and preserve Indian Folk Art along with the social cause of empowering women artisans.

9.What is your initial investment for the company?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: Well, it was not that much. I used to spend some part of my monthly earnings on a
noble cause, so I that part I was diverting towards this. It was kind of one woman army; as I was handling all the tasks right from production of artworks till the shipment of those products. So there was no need of much money that time.


10.Do you have any advice to the beginners?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: I am also in growing phase so I have an experience instead of advice. Just start somewhere! Whatever you want to do. As soon as you go forward, the interest automatically develops and you start digging more for the knowledge. And don’t get relied on someone for something. Take the charge of your life and go ahead. That’s the best thing whether it’s personal life or a business.

11.What is your vision for next 5 years?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: Truly speaking, there’s nothing as such! We believe in the daily progress and we are grateful that we are successful in the same. Hope to deliver a unique experience to our customers in coming years as a recognized brand.

12.Do you have any message for your readers?
Ms Priyanka Padwal: I am glad that you showed an interest in our journey. Hope this will impact your life in
a little but good way. Also “Team mycitycoupons” is doing so great! Support them in their initiative.

We are thankful to Ms Priyanka Padwal for her thought provoking answers .She is truly an inspiration to new India.

Disclaimer : mycitykoupons doesn’t accept any order on behalf of Chitrini. You can order products through Chitrini’s official website /Instagram handle.

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