Lets meet Ms Shreya Banerjee ,lady behind life in a metro.

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life in a metro

Lets meet Ms Shreya Banerjee ,lady behind life in a metro.

life in a metro

Instagram Influencer series :1

Lets meet Ms Shreya Banerjee ,an unstoppable Instagram influencer and a truly talented DIY  Décor Artist  . Her Instagram page life.in.a.metro says Art|Decor|Aesthetics💖.
The page is filled with unique DIY ideas and beautiful home décor images .It has also got featured in  famous Instagram décor pages like :  @myapartmentbalcony @jiscovery @pretty_small_spaces @bestinteriorideas @etimeslifestyle @artndecortour @rakshplanters.

Life is a puzzle or Life is very simple . It actually depends upon our own perceptive .Life  in a metro is indeed busy , but a little belief , a little innocence and a ever renewing creativity can make our life amazing  !

Mycitykoupons Team is extremely excited to meet Ms Shreya Banerjee ,a self-motivated lady with lots positivity and liveliness .

Here is the link to the page :https://www.instagram.com/life.in.a.metro/

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Here we present a chitchat with Ms Shreya Banerjee :

1.mycitykoupons: Could you please start by telling us a bit about yourself?
Ms Shreya Banerjee :Hi, I am Shreya. I am a working professional, a wife and a mom, an artist, an aesthete and a décor enthusiast. I am a data scientist by profession and an artist at heart. I have worked with multiple MNCs in my 12 years of professional life but have also tried to keep myself engaged by learning new skills and doing fun things outside work.

2.mycitykoupons: Please brief us about life.in.a.metro and its success journey.
Ms Shreya Banerjee: I started my Instagram profile couple of years back as my personal account. Here I shared snippets of my life, family, travel, festivals, celebrations etc. I was never really into home décor earlier but always had a taste for beautiful and aestheticitems. We bought our own house, planned basic interiors and moved into it in June 2016. All these years I had not given any time into decorating my space. I was busy with office and family and friends. During weekends, I would be visiting some friend’s house, hitting the road for a short trip or trying out some new restaurant. So I hardly spent quality time at home and never felt the need to deck up the space. It was only during lockdown, when I had to spend 24*7 at home, I started doing up my space and found it surprisingly relaxing. I shared every corner of my home with my Insta fam and got amazing response, which motivated me to keep going.

3. mycitykoupons: What is your inspiration behind the life.in.a.metro?
Ms Shreya Banerjee: During lockdown I realized the importance of 2 things: a beautifully done up house and a partner who is your best friend. I am thankful to god that I never had to face any major challenges during the lockdown period, like most people in my country had to. So I just had to think about keeping my spirits high while staying completely indoors and having minimal social interactions.

I never had a habit of buying expensive stuffs and have a talent for making pretty things. I used to browse a lot on Instagram and Pinterest and that’s where I got a lot of my ideas. I started decorating my space, made pretty DIYs and shared my ideas on Instagram. The response was always overwhelming. It motivated me to try out more ideas, inspire others and learn on the way.

4. mycitykoupons: How do you monetise the same?
Ms Shreya Banerjee: When I started sharing my interest and ideas for home décor, had no plans of commercialising my passion in any way. My growth has been completely organic and I am overwhelmed by the love and appreciation everyone has showered. I am honoured and humbled to know that I have been able to inspire some people on my journey of beautifying my home. Now I am being approached by brands to promote their products, which makes it a further motivation for me.

Life in a metro

5. mycitykoupons: How difficult is to handle both home and career?
Ms Shreya Banerjee: I have always had a flair for multi-tasking. I never like working on just one thing, and perform best when there is a lot to do. So it was never a challenge for me handling both home and career. To add to that I have a very supportive husband and an impeccably disciplined and fiercely independent kid. All of this helped me to not only handle both home and career but also make time for additional interests.

6. mycitykoupons: Do you have any advice to the beginners?
Ms Shreya Banerjee: Start small but be consistent. Never give up on the people and things that matter in your life. Choose wisely and choose well. While decorating your house, choose one wall or one corner of a room to start with. Add warm lights in layers or add a wallpaper. Fill up your house with items that you identify with. Only then you make a house a home, and a happy one. And a happy home have happy people living in it.

life in a metro

7. mycitykoupons: What is your vision for next 5 years?
Ms Shreya Banerjee: Covid had taught us to take one day at a time and that has also been my approach in life. I never like to plan much ahead of time. That is how I started this venture and have got the kind of success I had not
imagined then. However I want to keep learning and share my learnings with my Insta fam. Since I do not have any formal training in interior design, I recently registered myself for an online training. This is how I plan to enlighten myself in my journey while I encourage others and we all enjoy in the process.

8.mycitykoupons:  Do you have any message for your readers?
Ms Shreya Banerjee: Do what you love and love what you do. However busy you are, if you want to pursue something you love, you will always find time. And it is very important to engage in something you love outside of your core work to keep your heart alive and young!

We are proud of Ms Shreya Banerjee .Within a very few days she has become a successful Instagram influencer . Our best wishes are always with her.
Thank you for reading the Article and also for your valuable time.
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