10 Must Buy products for this Ganapati Utsav

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10 Must Buy products for this Ganapati Utsav

Ganapati Utsav products

Ganapti Bapa Moreya , Mangal murti Moriya

Very soon Bappa will come. His Puja will be celebrated happily by all of us. Here we present 10 must by products you can have to add glitter to the celebration !!

Have a look at the Ganapati Utsav products :

  • 1. Ganapati Utsav productsBio Degradable Ganapati Murti :

  • Planning to celebrate Ganapati Puja in your Home .Go for  this Idol made of 100% Natural Clay Material.
  • It is Eco-friendly and there is no Added Colors.
  • So , go ahead , go green and buy this  Attractive Idol.
  • Cost Rs 1,399.00/- only
  • Buy Now 

2.Ganapati Wall Sticker :Ganapati Utsav products

  • Ganesh Murti / Image is very auspicious. It stops or destroys any bad intentions of enemies.
  • You can add this Ganapati wall Art to the wall of your drawing room or entrance area.
  • The first thing any one can see while entering the home should be the beautiful face of Ganapati .
  • Cost : Rs 205 /- only
  • Buy Now 

3.Decorate with Artificial Flowers:


  • These real looking Genda Flowers are perfect for festive Indian Family.
  • Just buy few pairs for this Ganapati.
  • Keep it properly after Puja.
  • You can use them for Diwali or any other festivals too. 
  • Cost: Rs 299.00 only
  • Buy Now 

4.Ganapati T shirts are In :

Ganapati Utsav products

  • Ganapati T shirts are really cool .
  • These are available in all size and for all age.
  • You comfortable wear at the puja time or in evening hour while enjoy dinner with friends.
  • These high quality T shirts can used for years.
  • Cost : Rs 200 to Rs 600 /-
  • Buy Now 

5. Ganapati Mobile Cover :

Ganapati Utsav products

  • Do you feel incomplete without your mobile phone ??
  • Well , Go for this beautiful mobile cover same will make your look complete for the Puja.
  • Cost : Rs 279.00/- only
  • Buy Now 

6.Ganapati Key Ring :

Ganapati Utsav products

  • Planning Gift something to friends.
  • Think about this beautiful key Ring .
  • Ganesh ji and evil eye complement each other .
  • Cost Rs 99 to Rs 300/-
  • Buy Now 

7. Ganapati Idol for Car Desk :

Ganapati Utsav products

  • Time to change your OLD Car decor .
  • Bring home this beautiful Vastu Ganesh.
  • Cost: Rs 299.00/- only
  • Buy Now 

8. Gift for Kids 3D DIY Paper Craft Toy – Ganapati :


  • This beautiful craft Ganapati is for your kids. 
  • Simple step by step instructions are given  for assembly with pictures and Pre-cut sheets that only require folding and pasting.
  • It Comes with a charming illustrated story based on Ganapati
  • Perfect return gift for children aged 3 and above.( For Ganapati Utsav and for any other Puja or even birthday )
  • Cost: Rs 125 .00 /- only
  • Buy Now 

9.Ganapati Arati Music Card:

Ganapati Utsav products

  • Pre-loaded 115 Devotional Songs in a 4 GB USB Memory Stick is really useful to you.
  • Songs can be copied to Windows laptop/PC/MacBook/iMac or any media with USB connectivity
    Works with all USB input devices that support MP3 playback .
  • Cost :Rs 699.00/- only
  • Buy Now
  • 10. Ganapati Badge :
    Ganapati Utsav products
  •  This beautiful Ganapati Badge will complete you look .
  • These small Gifts go well when you are having any competition among children . Just give these beautiful badges as Gift .
  • Cost : Rs99 .00 only
  • Buy Now

Thank you all for reading this Article and also for your Valuable Time .

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