Meet Innovative Food Blogger Madhumita Dasgupta : The Lady behind Madhumita’s Kitchen

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Food Blogger

Meet Innovative Food Blogger Madhumita Dasgupta : The Lady behind Madhumita’s Kitchen


Food Blogger Ms Madhumita Dasgupta is a true innovator .Please go through her blog and you will be able to know what i mean by this. Recently we got opportunity to ask her few questions and she happily answered all .

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Food Blogger

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1.When and why did you start blogging?

Madhumita Dasgupta: It’s my hobby to cook great food and out of passion I started this page.

2.Tell us about your Blog and its focus?

Madhumita Dasgupta: Not a serious blogger but my blog is all about variation of food and innovative presentation.Food Blogger

3.Define your culinary style?

Madhumita Dasgupta: There ain’t any cliches I prefer all styles possible in the world.

4.What are your cooking inspirations?

Madhumita Dasgupta: My Family is my inspiration.

Food Blogger

5.What was your first published recipe?

Madhumita Dasgupta: Veg Preparation.

6.What’s your favourite recipe from your blog?

Madhumita Dasgupta: Pineapple Chicken.

7.Who is behind your amazing Photographs?

Madhumita Dasgupta: My Redmi Note 5 pro.

Food Blogger
8.What motivates you to Blog?

Madhumita Dasgupta: I want to share my innovative presentation and Ideas with the whole community.

9.What advice would you like to give to people who want to start blogging?

Madhumita Dasgupta: Blog what you like and what inspires you.Food Blogger

10.Where can we expect your blog after 5 years?

Madhumita Dasgupta: Lets see Fingers crossed.

Food Blogger


Thank you so much ,One of the Most Innovative Food Blogger Ms Madhumita Dasgupta for your Beautiful answers .Our Best wishes are always with you.

Food Blogger
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