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mycitykoupons.com aims to provide you a place where you can get best deals of both online stores and offline stores .

Please check the offline stores section to get the list of stores.Currently we are working with offline stores of Bhubaneswar.

Currently as a promotion we are offering the discount coupon codes to all our visitors.In future offline stores will be open to our memebers only.

Yes , You can use the codes again and again in the same store .Please note that each coupon code comes with a time frame.

The discount/coupon codes will not be denied as we have proper agreement with them.

Suppose the Offline store is having an in-house offer then the better one out of the two : in-house offer and mycitykoupons.com code will applicable.

1. Visit website
2. Get Discount code as SMS
3. Visit offline store ,show SMS get Discount.

You can send discount codes as SMS to all your freinds and family memebers.