Fall in love with Bhubaneswar walls !!!

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Wall painting

Fall in love with Bhubaneswar walls !!!

Wall  painting

Bhubaneswar , capital of odisha  is truly one of the best smart city of India. As per beautification and greenery we can bet Bhubaneswar is the best .

Have a look at the beautiful wall paintings of recent time.

Recently city was decorated like a new bride for Hockey world cup.

Apart from making Bhubaneswar a beautiful place to live , wall painting has given support and opportunity to the artist of Odisha and other states. The topic that these wall paintings cover starts from traditional art , culture , dance ,music of the state along with abstract painting .

Not only walls we can also see paintings under the busy fly overs .

cycle path and foot paths have also  got coloured .

Below is a wonderful night view of a wall.Wall painting

Painting of Musical instruments adding glamour to the wall .Wall painting
Wall painting

Traditional Odishi Dancer :Wall painting

Abstract Beauties on the wall.Wall painting Wall painting
Wall painting

Wall paintingTraditional Pattachitra Art of Odisha :Wall painting
Wall painting

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Traditional Musical Instrument :Wall painting

Beauty under the bridge :Wall painting

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