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saswati hota

Meet Stylish Food Blogger Saswati Hota : The Lady behind Delish Potpourri

Share this...FacebookPinterestTwitterMrs  Saswati Hota  a proud military wife, a super stylish cook and  a successful odia food blogger . She believes in the...

Food Blogger

Meet Innovative Food Blogger Madhumita Dasgupta : The Lady behind Madhumita’s Kitchen

Share this...FacebookPinterestTwitter  Food Blogger Madhumita Dasgupta is a true innovator .Go through her blog and you will be able to...

Swarupa Panda

Meet Fashion Blogger Swarupa Panda : The Lady behind ” The Fashion And City”

Share this...FacebookPinterestTwitterSwarupa Panda is a Budding Fashion, Style and Beauty Blogger who hails from Orissa, India.She is a very fun girl personally and...