Beauty Tips

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Skin type

What is your skin type ? By SkinBar Beauty Parlour ,Saheed Nagar

Skin type We love to take care of ourselves .We rely upon both natural and cosmetic products. But before using any product we must know our skin type. So that we can...

Instant Glow

Olive Oil For Instant Glow on you Face Beauty Tips by Sujata Beauty Salon and Spa,Saheed Nagar

Do you want to  have instant glow on your Face? We have got a natural Solution For You . Buy Olive Oil Now What we Need For Instant glow : Olive Oil Instead of Olive...

Grey Hair

Natural Remedy for Grey Hair by Sujata Beauty Salon and Spa,Saheed Nagar

Grey Hair is one of the most common Hair problem of our time. Life has become really fast .We also don’t have time to take care of our selves. Along with this...

Sujata Beauty Salon Saheed Nagar

Effective Natural Beauty tips by Sujata Beauty Spa and Salon,Saheed Nagar

Are you worried about Black patchy under arms ?? Now  use the following simple yet effective Beauty tips .We are sure you will be amused with the results. Most...

Natural Face Scrub

4 DIY Natural Face Scrub by Beauty expert Sujata Nayak

Planning to  pamper your skin ??? Need something that will bring back your Real Glow ?? Want something that will remove the tanning due to the harsh sun’s...