Best Height Increasing Vitamins and Minerals !!!

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Best Height Increasing Vitamins and Minerals !!!

Height Increasing

Wanna increase your height ??  Think about the following Vitamins and Minerals !!

Height Increasing Vitamins :

Vitamin A :

  • Vitamin A is known as Retinol which is necessary for bone and overall body development.
  • Food Rich in Vitamin A – Carrot

Vitamin D :

  • Vitamin D deficiency causes Rickets a weak bone problem among children and may stunt their growth.
  • It helps in absorbing Calcium and Phosphorous which are important for height growth.
  • Food Rich in Vitamin D – Milk , Egg .
  • Sunlight is also a great source of Vitamin D.

Vitamin C :

  • Vitamin C helps body in absorbing Iron ,which is necessary for forming red blood cell.
  • It also strengthens bone health .
  • Food Rich in Vitamin C – Fruits

Vitamin B Complex :

  • A group of B vitamins known as Vitamin B Complex are necessary for overall health of nail , hair ,skin and bone.
  • Deficiency of B12 can also cause anemia .
  • Food Rich in Vitamin B Complex – Leafy vegetables , egg , milk

10 Best Foods to increase Height of your Child !!!

Height Increasing Minerals :


  • Calcium is necessary for proper bone development .
  • Deficiency of calcium will result in osteoporosis in future .
  • Food Rich in Calcium: Milk , Cheese , yoghurt

Phosphorus :

  • It makes our bones healthy .
  • Food Rich in Phosphorous : Banana

Magnesium :

  • It strengthens bones and ensures steady bone health along with phosphorous and calcium .
  • Food Rich in Magnesium : Fruits like Custard Apple.


  • Zinc along with other vitamins ensures regrowth of bones.


  • Boron supports Vitamin D in helping body to absorb Calcium.
  • Food Rich in Boron : Nuts, Beans , Apples

Factors that Stimulate Growth Hormone :

Avoid Drinks and Drugs :you must cut drinks like soft and hard drinks. Drugs are a strict No .

Have proper Sleep :Proper sleep will help in growth hormones .

Regular Exercise :Regular exercise is must .

Pay attention to diet :Go for healthy diet that includes protein , vegetable and fruit.

Proper vitamins and minerals along with food will make you healthy person. With regular exercise you will be able to achieve desired height .

Height Increasing



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