The Story of Three Women Entrepreneurs !!

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(Women Entrepreneur series No 12)

Three young women entrepreneurs take a step forward to start a venture called
“ – The Online Superstore” to provide solution to daily needs of households. With no
business background they learnt a lot in the job.

In a fast moving world, everyone wants everything
delivered at their doorstep. Looking into this high potential sector, ecommerce giants forays their
foothold to provide all kind of online solutions starting from books to furniture and electronics to
groceries. Catching this trend of metros and Tier-I cities, these three young entrepreneur develop a
platform for home delivery of groceries in the smart city of Bhubaneswar.

They have started this venture when they faced difficulties in vegetable shopping. And that
encourage them the business idea for As this is not an individual problem rather for
everyone who shops vegetables in any sabzi mandi for freshness and cheaper price. In these daily or
weekly haats people moving from one vendor to another searching for fresh vegetables, asking and
bargaining for better prices (as there is no uniformity of price) and sorting from the lot to find better
quality. Even the vendor is also imposing to take more quantity than you asked to round off the
payment. After shopping, carrying a heavy bag which is almost 10-15kg in weight and proceed towards
jam packed parking place where the car or bike was parked earlier, paying the parking fee and finally
facing heavy traffic of the city for reaching home. By giving all those efforts, time and money
sometimes people may not happy with the quality of vegetables.

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Started early in the year 2017, they have struggled a lot to make strong their stand. The
Managing Director of the company Mrs. Jyotirmayee Choudhury expressed that Bazaar Fresh has
focused on providing better quality and better service to its customers from its early days. Sandhyarani
and Subhashree shared that Bazaar Fresh procures vegetables directly from the farmers then sorted,
graded and hygienically packed on same day before delivering to customer and this make vegetable
fresh and at a cheaper price as its avoid many intermediaries in between.

They narrated how difficult was their journey like a roller coaster ride. Dealing with highly
perishable and long supply chain products with volatile market price, it was herculean task to price
the products correctly and make it deliver fresh at the doorstep of customers. Sometimes they faced
the problem very late deliveries to customers as they procure, sort, grade, package and deliver order
on a single day and also got adverse feedback from customers. But they never compromise on quality.
In the last month of 2017, they conducted a pilot project on delivering to B2B segment by supplying
to neighbourhood grocery store, and that was clicked. And now they have nearly 50 neighbourhood
grocery stores where packaged vegetables are being supplied on daily basis. Another extension of
distribution channel developed recently in January 2019, where target is HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurants
& Catering). And in these days they became stronger and sharper in business skill and unanimously
say still to learn a lot.

Bazaar Fresh not only offers, fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, non-veg items, but also the
other items which are not easily available in the Bhubaneswar market like exotic fruits & vegetables
(Avocado, Dragon Fruit, Zucchini, Ice-berg Lettuce, Parsely etc.). Other items/ingredients like mocktail
fruit crush, syrups, exotic sauces, choco toppings, seasoning items, chilli flakes etc. which are generally
used in hotels, restaurants, bakeries and caterering and not easily available in the market for retail
consumers, Bazaar Fresh make it available easily to consumer on its online platform and deliver to
their doorstep.

To make customers habitual and change their behavioural aspects in grocery purchases,
Bazaar Fresh develops customer friendly policies like Free Home Delivery, no question asked returnpolicy, on delivery payments, cashless payments, offers and discounts etc. One can undoubtedly take
following advantages of shopping at Bazaar Fresh a) Same day Delivery b) Varieties & Quality products
at a single place, c) Free Home Delivery d) Competitive Price e) 24×7 Shopping, f) Clean Shopping, g)
Easy Return& Replacements h) Savings of Time, Money & Efforts i) Not tiring after long working hours,
j) Offers & Discounts.

Bazaar Fresh has able to capture more than 1500+ registered customers in these two years of
operations who regularly purchases. Though monthly turnover varies from 5lakhs to 6 lakhs, they are
satisfied with the response and very positive about their business growth. Starting with only 4
employees now it has 15 dedicated employees who works hard to provide hassle free shopping
experiences to customers. It has also plan to expand its business in other cities of Odisha.

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