The 15 Best Anti-Aging Food ,Beverage and Herbs you can have everyday !!!

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Anti-Aging Food

The 15 Best Anti-Aging Food ,Beverage and Herbs you can have everyday !!!

Anti-Aging Food

We look what we eat !! That’s true .Our health depends upon what we eat .And of course our largest organ Skin reveals a lot about our health .

Suppose we are more into junk food or sweets our health will be worse and skin will be rough .But suppose we are into Anti-Aging food stuffs then our skin will be definitely better .

Here we try to present Anti-aging  Food ,Beverage and Herbs you can easily have daily !

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Anti -Aging Food ,Beverage and Herbs :-

1.Papaya :

  • This delicious super fruit  is easily available in the market .
  • It is rich in a variety of  vitamins, and minerals like vitamins A, C, K, calcium ,potassium ,magnesium ,phosphorus and B vitamins which are necessary for skin health.
  • Papaya has wide range of antioxidants and anti -inflammatory enzyme called papain that helps to fight free radical that damage our skin .

How to include in your Life ?

  • You can eat ripen papaya regularly  as part of your breakfast .
  • You can also use papaya mask on your face for a refreshing look.


  • Blueberries are not only rich in beautiful deep blue colour but also full of Anti-aging properties .
  • It has vitamins A and C, as well as an age-defying antioxidant called anthocyanin.
  • It can prevent Collagen loss .

How to include in your Life ?

  • Have blue berries as a afternoon snacks .
  • You can have dried blueberries too.

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3. Nuts :

  • We must include nuts like Almond, Walnut and Resins in our diet.
  • They are full of different skin-good vitamins .They also contain Omega -3 for cognitive, skin, hair and nail health.

How to include in your Life ?

  • Have Nuts as a afternoon snacks .
  • Please have a handful of nuts daily .

4. Turmeric :

  • Turmeric is a wonder herb .As per Ayurveda it has anti-bacterial , anti-fungal, anti-ageing capacity.
  • Regular consumption can help us in clearing mild acnes.
  • Studies revel same can prevent certain type of cancers.

How to include in your Life ?

  • Include the same in your curry.
  • You can also have Turmeric Pills .

5. Tomato :

  • Tomato is a fruit that increases our skin elasticity .
  • It has many vitamins including Lutein which is necessary for our eye health.

How to include in your Life ?

  • Include at least one tomato in your daily Salad Plate.
  • You can also try tomato face mask for a firm skin.

6. Dark Chocolates:

  • Having a sweet teeth? Satisfy the same with Dark Chocolates !!
  • It contains powerful anti-oxidant necessary for a healthy skin.

How to include in your Life ?

  • Always have stocks of Dark chocolates in your fridge or bag. Instead of unhealthy milk ones try this.

7. Green Tea:

  • Green Tea is really a buzz today .It contains many anti -aging properties that help our skin to be fit and fine.
  • Same also helps us to loose weight .

How to include in your Life ?

  • Replace your milk tea with Green tea.
  • You can safely have green tea two times a day .

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8. Water from a Copper Vessel :

  • Copper helps in absorption of Iron  and iron is necessary for a healthy body.
  • Its properties are really good for skin and hair.
  • Same can prevent premature graying of hair .
  • It also contributes towards weight loss

How to include in your Life ?

  • Keep water in a copper vessel for whole night or for at least 8 hours.
  • Start your day with two glasses of water stored in copper vessel.

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9. Sesames seeds:

  • Sesames Seeds are crunchy and naughty in taste.
  • Same is full of fiber (necessary for healthy Gut ),iron (necessary for healthy body),Calcium (necessary for healthy bones).

How to include in your Life ?

  • Jaggery and Sesames ladoos are not only good to taste but also best for your health.

10. Honey :

  • Honey truly blessing of the nature .
  • It has anti-inflammatory anti viral properties .

How to include in your Life ?

  • You can start your day with a glass of warm lemon water mixed with honey. Same is not only good for your Guts but also helps in keeping the weight in check .
  • Try honey mask for the face.

11. Olive Oil :

  • Olive Oil is full of anti-oxidant and omega-3 Fatty acid .

How to include in your Life ?

  • Replace your regular oil with virgin olive oil for cooking.
  • You can also massage olive oil to the tips of your hair to reduce spilt ends.

12. Yoghurt :

  • Yoghurt has calcium , vitamin D to ensure healthy bone.
  • It also has pre-biotic elements for healthy Guts.

How to include in your Life ?

  • Include this daily in your mid-day meal.

13. Legumes and Beans:

  • Legumes and beans contain protein and amino acid for our overall cell management.

How to include in your Life ?

  • Include these in your daily food .

14. Pomegranate:

  • Pomegranate are full of vitamins like Iron, Folic acid ,Vitamin C.
  • They do have a property called Punicalagin that helps skin collagen renewal.

How to include in your Life ?

  • Include the fruit in your diet during breakfast or after a meal.

15. Pineapple :

  • Pineapple is a fruit that is not only tasty but also quite healthy.

How to include in your Life ?

  • Include the fruit in your diet during breakfast .

Along with eating the above healthy Anti-Aging Food , don’t forget to cut off harmful junk food. Do exercise properly at least walk for 30minutes .Drink sufficient water to hydrate your body .Take care of your skin care routine. Along with this have a routine full body check up every year.

No one single food or no one single vitamin can bring health and beauty .You must follow a balanced diet.

Thank you for reading the article and also for your valuable time .

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