5 Food that help in increasing Height !!!

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5 Food that help in increasing Height !!!


With proper nutrition and exercise  we can increase our height .Here we present 5 super food which are power house for boosting any body’s height especially those who are under 18 years.

Top 5 Food for increasing Height:

1.Banana :

  • Banana is real magic fruit .
  • It is a rich source of necessary minerals like potassium and manganese.
  • The pro-biotic bacteria in it helps in maintaining our overall digestion and health.
  • It also neutralizes the harmful impact of sodium on bones .
  • Same helps in retaining the concentration of calcium,which is a must mineral for healthy and strong bone.

How to include in your diet – Just have them daily , include in your breakfast , in milkshakes .Keep them in your bag for a quick snack .

Recommended amount : 2/3 Bananas daily


  • Eggs are small packets full of high protein .
  • They are rich in calcium too.

How to include in your diet – Eggs can be included in many forms boiled , fried and many other options .

Recommended amount : 4 eggs in a week . Egg whites can be eaten daily .


  • Chickens are one of the best source of high protein.
  • They contain most of the amino acids required for human growth.

How to include in your diet – Go for soups .chicken salad . Chicken curry with less oil.

Recommended amount : 50 gm chicken daily .

4.Nuts and Seeds:

  • Nuts and seeds  contain essential minerals and amino acids that help in repairing and building of new tissues.
  • They also contain omega 3 that is necessity for healthy body and mind.

How to include in your diet – keep handy in your bag raw ,roasted or as energy bar for easy and healthy snacks .

Recommended amount : A handful of any nuts like walnut ,almond ,kismis any seed like pumpkin .

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5.Ashwagandha :

  • As per Ayurveda Ashwagandha is a natural herbal remedy for increasing height.
  • It contains a wide range of minerals that help in broadening the bones and increasing bone density .

How to include in your diet – Drink with milk

Recommended amount : 2 tea spoon in a glass of milk .

Thank you for reading the Article and also for your valuable time.

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