11 Top Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees !!!

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Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

11 Top Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees !!!

Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

Diwali always call for celebration !! Its time for happy relaxation . Its time to boost energy for the coming year .

What about gifting your employees with some really useful gifts ???

Here we present Top Diwali Gift Ideas For  Employees :-

1.Copper Bottle :

Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

  • Water stored in Copper Bottles is really good for health.This Diwali gift these copper bottles to your employees .
  • Budget : Budget Friendly

2.Lunch Box:

  • Lunch Box is another really good option of Gifting.Same is really useful too .
  • Budget : Starts from Rs 250.00
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3.Gift Voucher:

  • Diwali is the time for Bonus. So Gift voucher are naturally one of the best options.
  • Budget : As you wish
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4.Discount Coupons :

  • You can think about gifting discount coupons of any Theme park, Spa ,Salon ,Restaurant ,Resort .
  • Even yearly free health check up or partly sponsored health insurance is a good option .
  • Plan for a corporate tie up with the other party for the same.

5.Acupressure Equipment :

  • Acupressure is an age old remedy/cure or prevention procedure  for many disease.
  • Think about gifting this useful gift this time .
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6.Tracker watch :

  • Step tracker or Smart watch is another modern choice of gifting.
  • You can plan for a 7 days competition , highest step walker will get something special.
  • This gift will definitely make employees physically active and the impact will be positive.
  • Budget : Medium
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7.Dry Fruits :

  • Dry Fruits are one of the most common Diwali Gifts you can happily gift to all.
  • Budget : Medium
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8.Chocolates :

Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees

  • You can also think about chocolates with card.Think about homemade sugar free chocolates.
  • Budget : Budget friendly
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9.Products with Company Logo :

  • You can also give products like Art, Handicraft, Home Decor ,Cups and other products with logo imprint.
  • For marketing person you can think about T shirt , Rain coat, Sweater ,Helmet with logo.
  • It will create a sense of loyalty too.
  • Budget : Medium
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10.Belt and Card Holder :

11.Office Stationary :

  • Office Stationary like Pen Stand , Small watch , a nice quality pen are also good option.
  • Budget : Medium
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Happy Diwali .

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