10 Best Foods to increase Height of your Child !!!

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10 Best Foods to increase Height of your Child !!!


A proper height is always a confidence booster .Many career options like : Defence ,Modelling and Airline  require tall stature .

Short height may be linked with genes however it is also associated with inadequate nutrition .

As a parent its our duty to help our children achieve the maximum height they can .Boys can grow till 25 years and Girls attain their final height by 18 years provided they get proper nutrition that will strengthen their bone ,ligament ,tendons and muscles .They need to be physically active too .

Adolescence the time when they grow maximum, so in a growing age we need to give more attention to the diet and exercise .

Here we present Top 10 Height increasing Foods :

1. Milk:

  • Calcium is vital for the growth and maintenance of strong bones and acts as a height booster.
  • Milk is an excellent source of Calcium .It also contains protein which helps in building our cells.
  • At least 2 to 3 glasses of milk is recommended daily as children can easily digest the same.

(Tip : Try to give skimmed milks free from Fat )

2.Dairy Foods: 

  • Dairy foods such as cheese, paneer, yoghurt are rich in vitamins A, B, D , E, protein and calcium.
  • Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium .Deficiency of Vitamin D can stunt the height growth .

(Tip: Sunlight is one of the best source of Vitamin D)

3.Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: 

  • Fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C , Iron and Potassium .
  • These vitamins help in the growth ,development of bones and tissues.
  • Potassium along with calcium increases bone density.
  • Go mainly for Banana ,pomegranate , green leafy vegetables ,tomato and mango .

(Tip: Go for whole fruits instead of fruit juice)


  • Proteins is required by body for building ,repairing tissues and muscles.
  • Chicken  is one of the highest sources of non-vegetarian proteins that child can have daily at least 50 gram.

(Tip: Try to make less oily and spicy chicken soups and curry )

5.Eggs :

  • Eggs are small packet full with protein , choline and vitamin B6 .
  • You can give 4 whole eggs weekly or 1/2 white part of egg daily in breakfast .

(Tip : Try variety boiled egg , omelet ,fried eggs )

6.Soybeans :

  • Soybean is the best source of pure vegetarian protein .
  • It helps in improving bone and muscle mass.
  • You can have daily 50 grams of soya for height increase .

(Tip: Go for Soya chunks ,Soy Milk and flour )


  • Oatmeal is also a source of protein and fiber.
  • Children can have it daily during breakfast .

(Tip: Multigrain Attas now include Oatmeal too !!)

8.Legumes :

  • Give your child a bowl of cooked lentil, beans like chickpeas ,rajma , green matar .
  • These are great source of protein.
  • Amino acid in chickpeas will increase height.

(Tip: Try different recipes like tikka, rolls and parathas to include them in the diet.

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  • Nuts stimulate the growth hormones .
  • They also contain different vitamins including omega 3 for our overall development.
  • Kismis/Raisin contain amino-acid that helps in increasing height.

(Tip: Give a handful of Raisins instead of  sugary snacks available in the market )

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  • Fish contains vitamins and proteins for overall development.

(Tip: Include fish in your diet twice a week )

Vitamins and Minerals needed for height development :

All type of vitamins and minerals in adequate amount is necessary for proper health of our body and mind. The following vitamins and minerals can be importance for growth.

Proteins :

  • Proteins are rightly known as  building blocks of our body .
  • They help in developing and maintain healthy body muscle, bone and tissues.

Iron :

  • Iron help in maintaining hemoglobin and produces healthy blood cells .
  • Deficiency of Iron will cause anemia and will stunt growth.
  • Leafy vegetables like Palak  , Colorful  vegetables like Beet and fruits like Pomegranate are rich in Iron .
  • Adolescent girls these who started periods can take iron supplements with Doctors advice.

Potassium :

  • Potassium helps in making bones strong .Fruit like Banana is rich in potassium.

Calcium :

  • Calcium is the mineral needed for bone, ligament development.
  • Deficiency of it may result in osteoporosis in later life.
  • Milk , curd  are  great source of the same .

Vitamin D:

  • Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium .
  • Deficiency of the same will result in rickets a common childhood weak bone disease.
  • Cheese is a good source of Vitamin D.


  • Zinc along with other multivitamin can also help in increasing height.

Omega 3:

  • Omega 3 will ensure overall body ,skin development.
  • Rich sources are fish and nuts.

Vitamin C :

  • It is also known as absorbing vitamin .Same increases the capacity of body to absorb Iron.
  • Orange , Bell papers,Lemon are good source of vitamin C .

(Tip: Check with your Doctor and try to give your child Iron, Calcium and multi-vitamin supplements .)

Exercises that help in Increasing Height :

  • Encourage your child to leave television and mobile phones behind and go for outdoor games .It will ensure  healthy body and mind.
  • Few height increasing exercises are cycling , hanging , swimming , skipping .
  • Yoga like Surya Namaskar containing 12 steps fully exercises the body also helps in accelerating growth .
  • Proper diet along with exercise will stimulate the growth hormones .

Things that stunt Height growth :

Smoking /Drugs /Alcohol:

  • Many teenagers fall in trap of these bad habits .
  • One should keep an eye on them.

Improper Sleep :

  • We must take proper rest for overall health. Depending upon the age child should sleep. Like newborn baby sleep minimum 14 hours , teenage should sleep at least 8 hours.
  • Proper sleep will increase growth hormone or we can say body releases growth hormones whole we sleep.

Body Posture :

  • Improper body posture will put pressure upon our back and neck.
  • It will stunt growth and will lead to back /neck pain in future.

Junk Foods :

  • Street food / Junk foods are devoid of the nutrition body demands .
  • Hence we must limit the intake of the same in a child’s diet.

Water Intake :

  • Instead of harmful cold drinks encourage your child to have sufficient water including coconut water ,fruit juice, buttermilk ,warm water.
  • Sufficient water will keep the body hydrated and will help in proper digestion of food we eat .

Health Issues :

  • Regular health check up of the body is required to know about health issues like anemia and thyroid .They can stunt growth easily.


Parenting both fun and responsibility. Don’t forget to give your child the confidence that inner strength is much more important that outer look .

Thank you for reading the article and for your valuable time .

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