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Increase Immunity Power and Fight Corona Virus !!!

Immunity As on date the world is facing the danger of highly infectious Corona Virus .The disease has taken life of thousands of person .However people with strong immunity power can fight the same and remain safe or recover from it. Simple ways that help boosting Immunity Power : Avoid Unhealthy Habits – Don’t smoke


How to protect yourself from coronavirus !!!

coronavirus What is coronavirus :- Its a family of flu transmitted from animal to Human. COVID-19 virus has originated in china . Unfortunately till date no vaccine is available for same . Symptoms of coronavirus :- Coughing ,Sneezing. Cold. Fever Who are more vulnerable to this virus :- Aged person (60+) , diabetics , people


5 Food that help in increasing Height !!!

Height With proper nutrition and exercise  we can increase our height .Here we present 5 super food which are power house for boosting any body’s height especially those who are under 18 years. Top 5 Food for increasing Height: 1.Banana : Banana is real magic fruit . It is a rich source of necessary minerals

10 easy ways for Weight Loss !!!

Weight Loss When you weight perfect it not only keeps you healthy but also adds to your personality . Here we share few tips for weight loss .Have a look and give a try !! Top 10 Weight Loss Ways : 1. Exercise : Wanna feel good with your body ?? Start doing exercise .

Gorgeous Diwali Gift Ideas

5 Gorgeous Diwali Gift Ideas for All !!

Gorgeous Diwali Gift Ideas Diwali always call for celebration !! Its time for happy relaxation . Its time to boost energy for the coming year . What about gifting your near and dear ones with some really gorgeous gifts ??? Here we present ,5 Gorgeous Diwali Gift Ideas for All :- Candle Holder : Diwali